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About Us

We are Canadian Premier Halal Certifier.  With over 32 years of inspection experience, we are experts in certification for the Canadian market. Our highly trained specialists implement our unique audit process which guarantees compliance from sourcing through to point of sale. We help Canadian businesses of all sizes and types become 100% compliant with halal law. From food to pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics to apparel, our team is ready to help you grow.

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Halal Process

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Who should consider certification?

Halal Canadian Certification for Food, Pharma and Cosmetics

Halal vs Haram

Why Halal Certification Matters?

Halal Canadian Certification

Consumers can purchase with confidence

Halal Canadian Certification
Consistent audits to suss out fraud or infractions
Halal Canadian Certification
Halal Canadian Certification
International client require halal certification (JAKIM Malaysia, MUI Indonesia, MUIS Singapore approved certificates required)
Halal Canadian Certification
Gives you access to sell, distribute and partner with a burgeoning community