Over 30 Years of Experience

Highly Trained and 100% Compliant


With over 32 years of inspection experience, we are experts in certification for the Canadian market. Our highly trained specialists implement our unique audit process which guarantees compliance from sourcing through to point of sale. We help Canadian businesses of all sizes and types become 100% compliant with halal law. From food to pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics to apparel, our team is ready to help you grow.

Plus, our globally recognized brand employs local auditors and religious experts to help you become certified. Our process is quick, cost-effective and is proven to get the job done with minimal effort from you and your team. From start to finish, our experts will guide you in the process of becoming halal certified.

Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Communication.

Our business is centered around trust, honesty and integrity. These three tenets inform and influence everything we do for our clients. We build transparent partnerships with companies in every market and help them achieve compliance in their operations. Because we are based in Canada, our support staff and religious experts are always there to help answer questions. We believe it is important to clearly communicate each step of the process, so we can reach your goals.

Independent and Professional

Through our time in the industry, we have recognized a growing need for an independent and standardized certification process. We have built a simple but thorough process which enables manufacturers to acquire an authentic halal certificate; establishing their brand as trusted partners in halal-certified products.

Building and Reinforcing Culture Through Our Work.

Through our work, we build upon the culture of halal and bring the benefits – both physical and spiritual to the population of Canada. By infusing age old traditions with modern technology and ideas, we can perpetuate the important teachings of the Quran. Once you complete our audit and training, the halal symbol on your goods will bring peace of mind to your customers and partners. They will know you follow the most stringent religious guidelines as taught through Islamic law.

We believe helping brands and businesses connect with the Muslim community of Canada is a vital piece in building a better world for all. Together, we will establish unity and help you tap into new markets – creating a brighter future for your brand, staff, customers and community.