Halal vs. Haram

What it Means to be Halal or Haram

Halal vs. Haram


Halal, meaning “good,” is anything that is deemed permissible to consume or engage in, according to Islamic law. In order to be deemed acceptable, every ingredient, stage of handling and step of production must be clearly verified Halal. This means your final product might generally be considered halal, but if your process is not compliant, it will be deemed unacceptable to the Muslim population.

Which brings us to…

Haram, meaning “forbidden,” pertains to those items, deeds, and actions which are not lawful or are unacceptable by the standards of Islam. The term halal can pertain to foods, ingredients, or even actions such as gaining money through deception or violence. If your product is deemed halal, it cannot be sold or consumed to the large Muslim population of Canada and the world.
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